Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn.


Just a quick one as I’m in the middle of starting a new job and planning a wedding so time is not on my side right now! I don’t generally read much from the crime genre, it’s never really captivated me but as everybody appears to have read this book I thought I really ought to give it a go so I can understand what the hype is all about.

I really liked the structure of the novel, first of all. I’m always a fan of the unreliable narrator – although I rather do prefer it when it’s a little more subtle than how it is done here.  Unfortunately, that’s basically the most positive thing I have to say about the book.

I am usually a fan of the unlikeable protagonist – but it just didn’t work for me here. After finishing the book I felt like I’d just spent a few solid hours with some really unpleasant people. I suppose that would suggest the characters are well drawn out at least. The novel is exceedingly long and the length adds precisely nothing to the experience.

I suspect I’m after something different from reading than what this book provides, which is why I tend to typically avoid the crime genre. Each book read should be a building block in your brain, a block of experience or emotion or reflection, but for me this book was simply nothing. I didn’t like the characters because they had no redeeming qualities. The ending didn’t provide any food for thought or interesting concepts, it was an entirely passive experience.