I have had a busy few months.

 I submitted my dissertation last Monday. I am still waiting for the penny to drop that I don’t have to be spending all my free time mulling it over, but I’m getting there.  My thesis title was “How do Higher Education Music Students at Hull College respond to a Connectivist approach to information literacy?”

 I can genuinely say I loved doing it, despite the many, many, many, obstacles that cropped up along the way! I don’t get the results until the end of June so I’ll talk more about it then. The process itself was really interesting though, but very challenging. Having to independently manage the entire research project was a first for me – I hadn’t had to complete a dissertation for my degree and so this really was a case of ‘in at the deep end.’ It gave me a really good understanding of what the students go through during their dissertations though – the rollercoaster of BEST IDEA EVER to WHAT AM I DOING THIS WILL NEVER WORK WHAT WAS I THINKING?  when it’s all too late to change, and the various other pitstops of complete accomplishment and total inadequacy along the way. But now it’s over – until the results arrive in June, at least. I’m going to write a post about my time at RGU, the whole four years, as there’s a lot of discussion around the purpose of the Library Masters and online learning too and I think it would be useful to really consider what this course has done for me..

I have spent the last few months tying to find the best avenues to really enhance my CPD. I’ve made a few realisations along the way – why belong to CILIP if you don’t participate is one (although I do have many thoughts on that too!), the wonderful world of Twitter is like it’s very own library world microcosm that can give you massive insights in to a whole array of “Real World” library issues that may not have surfaced without (more thoughts to come on this too) and so on. Ideas are also all well and good, but meaningless if you don’t think of them within the context of your organisation and actually follow through with them.  

So now the rather life-consuming dissertation is out of the way and I have my eyes set on chartership (in a few months… I need a little while to just read books and play games guilt-free) I imagine I’ll be making use of this a little more.