This time of year is always ridiculously busy, not just with new students but also my Masters has started again (final year!), new academic staff need to be familiarised with and that’s without thinking about all of the conferences and events which seem to be going on.

I am in the process of making a prezi catered for my final year Broadcast Media students who are starting their dissertations. As the dissertation is such a major project I like to tailor our delivery more specifically for them. As it’s a slightly more involved process I think it’s more useful to them if we can demonstrate applications like Evernote and how to manage and organise their research alongside how to actually conduct the research itself. The basis of the session is really very similar, but as at this point they will have received this information at least twice and possibly four times with refresher sessions, I think it helps to change things up a little to help them resist switching off if they think they’ve seen it all before.

I attended the CILIP New Professional’s Day on October 4th, I’ve done a full write-up of the event but I’m hanging fire with that for now as it may be appearing elsewhere!

I will also be attending the Yorkshire & Humberside ARLG ‘Can you dig lit?’ event on November 14th which is very exciting. As I only really started participating in the committee side of things after this event was set up, I haven’t really been privy to the organisational side of things but I’m very pleased to be attending, it looks like a great line-up and the last event I attended was really very good.

I am also in the process of writing up an abstract of my research for my dissertation for the Hull College Journal. It’s quite a useful exercise in more ways than one as it will help me shape and focus my question a little further and help to develop it slightly. The dissertation side of things is slowly but surely progressing. I have established what my tutor expects (one draft of everything at the end – yikes!) and I’m going to pop him an email later in the week clarifying my ideas and the changes that I’ve made to my proposal over the summer. Once I’ve done this I might write up a blog post about it – I think it’s helpful to reiterate the project in various formats and levels of complexity to really get to grips with the idea. I have also found using a red pen really helps with the editing process – this is a thing that is weird but works.  I quite like it.

In other news I am now running about 3-3.5km in my bid to being able to run 5k without collapsing in a heap which is a general effort to get a bit fitter. As I have barely run more than a few steps (to conceal the fact I tripped on something) in the past…. since I was at school doing P.E., this is a great big achievement and one I am enjoying an awful lot more than I thought I would!

So despite being absolutely chaotically busy at the moment, I am very much enjoying it all. This flurry at the start of the year doesn’t last long so it’s handy to capitalise on all the good intentions and energy that might not be quite as prevelant in the January blues time.