Well, I’ve had rather a spell of not adding entries to this. My last entry was all about how busy the end of the year always is; unfortunately this wasn’t the reason for my absence, my Father passed away on the 30th of September 2012. Obviously other things have had to take precedence and so I took a step back from everything that wasn’t absolutely essential. Most things have now been dealt with, there’s still a lot to do but I’m feeling much more capable of tackling more and I’m gradually building up my “other” activities – I think it will also help me get a bit steadier to have things on my to-do list beyond ‘Send 25 letters to banks’ and all the endless bureaucracy that comes with a death in the family.

In happier news, I have lots of things coming up!

I’ll be attending the Librarians as Researchers event at York St John on Friday the 25th – this is my first outside event so I’m quite excited. I’m also attending the Teach Meet that’s happening at Leeds Met on Friday the 8th of January, I’m hoping other attendees at the York event will be able to give me advice about it beforehand!

I’ve also applied for the student award to attend LILAC, after reading various LIS bloggers declarations that there’s no harm in giving it a go. It’s such a fascinating area and I’d love to go, if not this year then hopefully next.

I’ve been considering my Masters dissertation lately and I’m leaning towards Information Literacy for students with dyslexia as a vague topic, however I haven’t really moved much further than considering it a worthwhile investigation, I need to do some preliminary research and really get to grips with exactly what I’d like to achieve. As so many of our Arts students and staff are dyslexic it seems a really relevant consideration, but certainly needs more investigation.

I have completed the first semester of the second year of my Masters. It’s going quite well so far, I managed an ‘A’ on the first assignment which I’m overjoyed with. I tend to focus on what I haven’t done in the assignment even when I get very good marks, I’m trying to shake off that habit as I need to recognise an achievement when it’s in front of me. The assignment was based on the change management process of merging a public and school library network from the perspective of the Local Studies Librarian. I actually really enjoyed it and it allowed me to build upon the knowledge of change management, measuring impact and the importance of consultation that I developed last year.

There is of course an awful lot to catch up on, I’m going to try and be measured rather than one massive outpouring however!