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So Thing 19 is all about integrating the previous things in to day-to-day activities.

I’ve actually gained a lot more from following this than I expected. Whilst I was already familiar with a lot of the ‘Things’ it gave me an opportunity to rethink my approach to their use and to consider if I have been getting the best value from things.

I would say the most significant change in my behaviour is the use of netvibes and evernote, whilst this isn’t one of the ‘Things’ explicitly mentioned it certainly falls under RSS feeds and productivity! I think the most important thing I’m taking away from the 23 Things though is that things should be developed and integrated in order to get the full benefits from them.

I’m still struggling with the ‘personal brand’ idea – I’ve been floating around on the internet for the past twelve years, and as I was sixteen at that time I’m sure there’s a fair amount of tidying up I ought to do! I am not, and have never been, particularly badly behaved online (or in real life, for that matter!) so there is hopefully not too much that’s awful out there, even if it might be rather embarrassing! This is certainly something I’m going to be sorting out though, just in case the younger me gets mistaken for the actual me!

I’m much more integrated in to the social side of everything; my Twitter account has become very heavily library-focused, I’m reading a great deal more blogs and striving to become a real part of the community. I see this as a long-haul process however, so I’m perfectly happy to take the gradual approach, I think it would be more effective all round anyway.

My Masters starts again on September the 25th so I imagine a lot of the things I’ve been looking at over the summer may take a backseat. On the other hand, it may transpire that these things become perfect outlets and sources for development, so we’ll see!

Whilst I haven’t integrated everything from the 23 Things so far, I have learnt a great deal about their potential use. I think the important thing is to use what is appropriate and useful rather than trying to use everything purely for the sake of saying you use it. Whilst I haven’t been using Google Calendar for example, it’s good to know that it’s there as an option should I need something for that purpose.

I think my initial approach to the 23 Things was a little cynical – there are lists for everything online and they rarely offer any new insight, the particularly useful thing about the 23 Things is that it makes you rethink approaches you’ve been taking for granted and to reassess your procedures, it relies on the individuals participation and engagement and it’s been really quite interesting. Unfortunately I won’t have the time from now on, so I suppose that will be the real test of how integrated and truly beneficial these ‘things’ have become.