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Thing 18: Jing / Screen Capture / Podcasts – making and following them

We have used similar software in the college however it’s never really come to anything. It tends to be demonstrated to staff for their use, but we don’t tend to use it ourselves. I would personally like to create a ‘screencasting’ video for how the library catalogue works, for our eResources and so on. I really think it would be of particular use to those students who don’t necessarily receive verbal or written instructions easily. We also don’t always have the amount of time we really need to show our students the resources that are available to them, so it would be really great to create short videos they can look at prior to trying out a resource. I believe this was vaguely attempted a few years ago but there were problems with software, it’s certainly something I’m going to raise as worth trying again though as it seems like a useful demonstrative device.

I haven’t considered the use of podcasts previously but it’s certainly something I’m going to consider. We have Audacity installed on our college computers so it would be easy enough to play around with. I’m also going to be listening to as many of these as I think would be useful!

I suspect these plans will have to wait until after the first semester is over, however. We are usually so absurdly busy from this point onwards that there’s barely time to look up! It’s very exciting though and I’m going to be detailing the changes to my role, the challenges I’m facing and my progress with my Masters of course!