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Thing 17  is rather appropriate this week as I will be training a member of staff in how to use it.

I’ve used Prezi a few times previously, once for collaborative work with students on my course, once for delivering a presentation at a conference and once for delivering a critical thinking skills sessions with some students. I would say it was reasonably successful in all instances and I much prefer it to PowerPoint, I enjoy the fluidity of it. Additionally as the students I have presented to are generally Art and Design focused they often prefer a visual style of learning.

I’ve seen a few different presentations for the best uses of Prezi, the best was by Wikiman but unfortunately the page is broken at the moment so I’ll suggest this link instead which contains a link to the page I intended and is also full of useful tips and information in itself.

My favourite thing about Prezi however is the capacity to look at other users creations and to search by topic – it gives a really interesting view on others perceptions of how a topic can be presented. Slideshare looks to be interesting equivalent of archived powerpoint presentations.

I really like the idea of using a presentation for a CV although I’m not sure how appropriate it would be in most instances. I will most certainly be experimenting with the idea though as I feel it could be really effective.

I’m going to look in to all the resources for Prezi and create a mini how-to guide for my session later. It really is the kind of program where playing around and figuring out what works is the best learning technique in my opinion though, so I’ll definitely just cover the immediate basics and work from there.