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Well, my “I’m going to try to write a post every day” did not fail as spectacularly as it may appear, I have been writing things but they weren’t really worthwhile viewing for others! So instead I have drawn a different conclusion, and that is quality above quantity (of course) and not to worry about getting in to a habit of looking at developments and articles because actually I’ve already developed that habit. I tend to get a bit “I want to do everything immediately!” when I’m excited about things and just need to take a step back to get some real perspective on how to approach things.

I’m going to catch up with my 23 Things in the next few posts as I really just need to make sure what I’ve written is comprehensible so it shouldn’t take too long!

I have been enormously busy the past week – we have acquired a new room in the house that has become a rather beautiful office! It’s going to be where I’m spending virtually all my time once my Masters kicks in again so it’s very nice to have things so tidy and lovely and new!

In another bid to tackle my concern over losing track of information I have decided to give Evernote another go. So far it is actually perfectly suited for my needs, I just need to refine my approach a little. I’m very pleased! This is a snapshot of what it currently looks like;

So you can give notes a title, add a URL and give a brief description if you like. The notebooks can be user-assigned, so I have ‘Library’ and ‘Masters’ for now, I suspect that will change as I add more things. The tags are also user-generated and are a really useful function. This means that once I’ve read an article/website/report I can add it to evernote, make notes on it and then access it from any of my devices. I’m going to download it to my Macbook at home, at the moment I have an evernote extension installed on to Chrome for work so I can use the ‘web clipper’ but at work I will have to use the web version. I have really enjoyed getting to grips with it though, it seems rather intuitive and useful. The above will probably change quite dramatically once I’ve familiarised myself with things a little more and once I have academic research to do. I’m very pleased to be giving it a second chance – this is in large part due to the 23 Things making me reassess the tools I’ve been using so it’s proving it’s worthiness quite consistently!

It’s enrollment week in the college so we’re very busy, it’s actually really nice to have students and staff milling about the place again, it can get a bit empty in the summer!

I’ve also recieved eight library books from RGU library – I only placed the requests yesterday and they arrived this morning, I’m very impressed! It does mean I now have eight library management books to read, however. As I’ve already said, I’m going to aim to review those which I will be reading thoroughly in order to take a critical view whilst getting some practice in. Quite excited to get back in to the swing of things really!