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I am finding I have so many things I want to discuss that I end up having lots of links saved to discuss later, and then time gets on and it feels a bit redundant to say “Oh, remember that news article three weeks ago? Well here’s my delayed reaction to it!” In order to counteract this I have decided to try and write a post every day, even if it’s just a brief mention of something interesting I’ve read that day. When I’ve been studying I am incredibly organised and make sure everything is completed within x timeframe so I am just going to take a similar approach to this as well.

At the weekend I visited family in London. We visited The National Portrait Gallery and bought a print of this amazing picture. It’s being framed as we speak and will be living in our bedroom. It really reminds me of a particular day spent in Hong Kong, it takes me back there and it’s a lovely feeling. We were invited to a barbecue by friends of my Uncle so we spent the rest of the day there. It was lovely and fascinating to meet so many people whose experiences are quite enormously removed from my own. I ended up trying to dispel a few myths (“libraries are just books” and “Well everyone has a computer and the internet at home don’t they?”) and found myself quite the library-advocate. Really one of the best things was that I really believed what I was explaining and how important it is, it was quite the affirmation that I’m doing the right thing with my time! I’m sure I managed to win them over the in the end (several bottles of Pimms later!)

Following a JISClist email, I’m going to express an interest in writing a book review. One of the titles is a book I’ve read both previous editions of and have found fascinating, and it’s also one that I imagine will prove useful in my academic work. I feel a little intimidated by the process but I’m going to raise a metaphorical hand in the air to see where it goes. I suspect my lack of published material will prove to be a stumbling block with this endeavor but it’s certainly worth a try. It’s also made me consider reviewing the books I’ll be reading for my course as I go through them; I generally give my verdict to work colleagues so writing them here will at least expand my experience a little. I’m requesting the books on the reading list for one of my modules to be posted over to me so I can get started with some of the reading soon, it’s quite exciting but rather intimidating at the same time!

Things to do today include making a Punch and Judy crafty thing for the children to make themselves at tomorrow’s craft event, create a display to advertise our off-air recordings in an effort to increase their borrowing rates and submit some information about our off-air recording device so that it will hopefully start working again!