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Cor blimey, I have been intending to post this for ages! We’ve been pretty busy stocktaking and making craft events though so it’s been quite hectic over here really!

Thing 12: Putting the social into social media

  I’m really interested in the use of social media as a means of networking. I’ve only very recently got involved in the professional side of social media and it has really surprised me. It’s a bit like opening what you think is a cupboard door but actually it leads in to a lovely big garden!
I haven’t been as actively involved as I would like just yet, I feel I’m still finding my feet and don’t really want to wade in and say something a bit daft! However, the other week I got involved in a uklibchat Twitter session and it was great. The topic was conferences, and whilst I haven’t actually been to any yet it was so useful to talk to people who had and to understand the real value that can come from them. It also highlighted that a lot of interaction goes on before conferences, on Twitter for example, which leads to a much more relaxed environment as you feel you almost ‘know’ people already. Everybody was incredibly welcoming and chatty (I have now pretty much doubled the people I’m following on there!) and I was encouraged to look at Library Camp – I have a ticket and can’t wait! I’m quite excited and intend to get as involved as possible. It’ll be my very first unconference and I’m really hopeful that it will give me a really useful insight about how things work. I’m also sacrificing the last day or two before my partner spends a fortnight in Hong Kong with his family so I’m quite insistent I get a lot out of it!
I really want to get more involved in the social media side of things, perhaps next week I’ll explore more blogs and actually comment when I have thoughts rather than just thinking them! It’s definitely a case of “you get out what you put in” so it’s quite exciting really.
In other news, I have enrolled on the second year of my Masters at RGU and that will get going again in September. I am hoping that this blog will become particularly useful at that point rather than abandoned in favour of reading articles! I find I do a lot of research and find the topics really interesting – and sometimes quite frustrating! – so it will be nice to have somewhere I can articulate my thoughts on it all without becoming a rather dull dinner guest! I will also be formally starting a few hours a week as a Higher Education Librarian and there’s quite a few things I’d like to perhaps implement or consider approaches to, and I think here would be a very useful place to dissect that. Of course this may go in a totally different direction and become a discussion of my successful cakes (the Primrose Bakery orange cake is my current favourite one to bake!) and swimming adventures. I’m making very good progress despite shaking with fear at the beginning of every lesson so it’s all looking good! I’m rather suspecting it will inevitably become a mixture of all of the above, of course, which is probably the best possible outcome!