This is the final class in the series!

It’s all about putting everything that’s been learnt together to get the optimum effect, knowing when to use which tools and that sort of thing. Really the idea seems to be that you don’t have to use the tools previously discussed individually, but that they are best used in conjunction with one another.

A good search is built up iteratively rather than beginning with one massive stream of instructions, progression is definitely emphasised here.

Lesson 2 looks at thinking broadly when approaching your search, don’t discount any of the search mediums available and try to view it as impartially as possible. There’s a brief mention of Google Maps and how to use Street to highlight the use of resources which may not immediately spring to mind in order to fulfill needs.

Lesson 3, the final lesson of the final class! This one is really just telling everyone to sign up to Google News emails in order to keep up to date about new developments.

And that’s it! Everything covered. I’m going to write a summarising post next week I think.