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Well, last week I was on annual leave in a fairly unexpected turn of events! It was my birthday and as I’d been working 50 hour weeks for a few weeks I had plenty of TOIL to take and it just seemed like the required thing to do!

Whilst I haven’t been doing anything on here I have been very busy! Birthday celebrations were very lovely, and involved seeing Batman: The Dark Knight Rises twice, eating far too much dim sum (and acquiring a book on how to make it myself!) baking too many cakes with lovely friends and drinking the nicest fruity beer in all the land in a pub which serves incredibly good food. That wasn’t all on the same day, I might add. Very satisfying week off though! I also did useful things like get a ticket for Library Camp 2012! Really looking forward to it, should be interesting indeed!

I also had a swimming lesson! I have had a chronic fear of water splashing on my face (it’s precisely that, I’m fine with it otherwise!) but I’ve decided at the ripe old age of 28 I really need to get over it so that I can go swimming around here when I’m there in May! It went very well indeed and I’m really very pleased with myself! I’ve got back in to the swing of the gym entirely too, so that’s great. Feeling a whole megaton better, albeit ridiculously achey!

So yes, I’ve been quite busy really (also been watching lots of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip in between all of the above) but I’ll return to catching up with everything this week!

Tomorrow I’m going to be delivering an Interview Test for some Saturday shift candidates which should be interesting!