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Gosh, there are about a hundred things I want to discuss at the moment but as there’s only a couple more days left I’m going to look at Google’s class 4 instead!

So class 4 is about finding facts faster. The Search ReSearch has a lot to offer with this kind of thing I think, it really helps you think about how you’d find information. The challenge which intrigued me to follow it was this one which gives you a photograph of a view in a city, and you must find the address of the building in which the photograph was taken – not the one you’re looking at. Quite a fun way to test your search skills, and to think twice about the different means available to search for information!

Back to Google! It’s talking about searching by image, which is fairly simple to do really. The next class is about ‘search shortcuts’, and includes things like typing in a place name and movies to get local cinema times and that sort of thing. There’s also time, weather and also Capital Cities which is one I wasn’t aware of! By clicking the ‘show more’ button you can also be given some results of things to do and related activities in the city which is interesting. This also works for flight times if you pop in a flight number which is useful to know!

The next lesson is all conversions and using a calculator, these are all things I’m really pretty familiar with so it’s not really massively useful. Always interesting though!

Lesson 4 of class 4 is all about the left hand panel and date-range limiting. Perhaps it will be worth highlighting the ‘show search tools’ panel to students so they’re more aware of the tools at their disposal. One of the useful things about doing these classes is that it’s making me think about what I take for granted that other people know – there’s more than I expected! It’s also useful just to play with things again to remind yourself how it all works.

Lesson 5 is the final one of this class, it’s about translation and searching in foreign languages. This isn’t something I do very often so may prove quite useful! I didn’t realise you could search translated pages – that’s very useful! Might be an interesting way to find out how a particular country is reacting to a certain news story. One to remember!

The next class is ‘Checking Your Facts’ which I think will be interesting. I always try to hammer this home to the students but I’m not sure it gets through. I wonder how it will be explained!