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Having a little break from the Google Power Searching as I’m all caught up with it! The next class isn’t released until tomorrow so it’s a good opportunity to catch up with 23things a bit more!

Thing 10 is looking at routes in to librarianship.

I’m currently studying on the distance learning Masters in Information and Library Studies at Robert Gordon University. I’ll be starting my second year in September and really just can’t wait, I absolutely love it. I’m absurdly fortunate because my workplace are funding it for me, and it’s so nice (and motivating!) to have that support and encouragement there. My degree was in English Literature with Creative Writing, so in between the two I studied on the Graduate Certificate in Information Studies. It was a really interesting and worthwhile course as it provides a really solid base of knowledge about information management for me to build on. Once I’ve finished my Masters I aim to go for Chartership, the RGU MA is accredited by CILIP and is something I think I’ll really enjoy pursuing.

In the future I think I’d like to gain some form of IT qualification as I believe this is hugely important to our role. Whilst a lot of things are covered in my current Masters, I think I’d like some more focused. Alternatively e-learning may be a better option – some of my colleagues are about to embark on an e-learning Masters at Sheffield which looks really interesting. I think fees will be a major issue for me though! I’m also interested in things like code academy – I don’t think these things need to be a formal qualification to be useful.

Managing to get a post as a Library Assistant in an incredibly supportive workplace has definitely been the most fortunate turn of events for me though, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do the Masters or GCIS without their funding and massive support. I keep reminding myself how lucky I am because it’s such a tough environment at the moment so to be in the situation I am in is wonderful!