Thing 11 is all about Mentoring.

I find this really interesting and I really think it’s such a useful system to have in place. Last year when I was covering the H.E. Librarian Maternity cover, the eResources Librarian was my appointed Mentor. I found him absolutely *invaluable,* I really can not stress enough how beneficial it was to have someone I knew I could pester.

He is actually a Mentor for CILIP as well, and is a really brilliant chap. He seems to know virtually everything, and does a very good job of liking my enthusiasm for everything! Whilst my role as the H.E. Librarian has officially finished, our relationship has definitely remained one of the mentee-mentor variety. He has never made me feel as though he hasn’t got the time to answer any of my many, many questions and I really value his role an awful lot.

I think more informally, my boss actually provides me with a great deal of support and encouragement. She really helps me to feel I can progress and that I’m good at what I’m doing – again, she’s never made me feel as though I’m not capable because I’m not fully qualified yet or as though she hasn’t the time for my questions or what have you. She also doesn’t seem to tire of my enthusiasm which is definitely a bonus! I think these two people are definitely people I’d like to remain in touch with throughout my career.