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Class 3! The mid-term assessment is due on Monday so I figured I’d get this one out of the way too! This class is all about advanced techniques, so it certainly sounds useful!

Firstly we get an explanation of operators. The site: operator is an interesting one, I really think I should use it more often. I quite like the visualisation of how the operators work to filter results, that might help to add a bit more meaning to things. The students I work with are studying creative courses so presumably will prefer visual presentations of information. It’s good to cater for as many learning styles as possible anyway! This is particularly good for showing them how to search reliable websites such as .gov for particular kinds of information, must remember to include more discussion of this!

The next lesson is on searching for specific file types, which could be useful although it doesn’t strike me as needing that much attention for my own purposes.

Lesson 3 is about removing invasive results, i.e. using the minus key. OR and ” ” are in the next lesson, again these are very basic things that there’s not a lot to say about!

So now we have the intext operator. I can’t say I’ve used this before so I’m quite intrigued. It makes sure there is an occurrence of a word within the page found basically.

Apparently the ‘gear’ menu on the Google page allows you to access all of the advanced settings much easier, I wasn’t aware of that either! The advanced search page means you don’t have to remember all of the terms discussed in these lessons which is quite nice.

Now I’m going to get the mid-term assessment done so I’m all caught up! Also there’s a fly buzzing around me and it’s driving me a bit bonkers so I need to step away from the pc for a bit!