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So on top of the 23things things, I also signed up to Google’s Power Search Sessions. I decided that whilst I feel quite happy and confident using Google and tend to find the things I need, it doesn’t hurt to make absolutely sure. And actually I’ve learned something useful already!

Activity One is all about filtering images by colour – I actually didn’t realise this was possible, but what I found particularly useful was the examples provided for instances when it might come in handy. Also, I’m hoping to be working quite closely with Art and Design students from September so of course this would be particularly useful for them when they’re after a particular image, or particular kind of image. So I’m already pleased I signed up!

Lesson 2 is all about how Google works. I had a cursory understanding of what goes on, but these things are always happily made clearer with some spiders running around!  It was also nice to have a clearer expression of the ads that are placed. I’ve got 100% on my tests so far by the way! (smugface)

I’ve just had news that my Macbook has arrived! How ridiculously exciting. But I can’t even look at it until 8:20pm at the earliest so back to Google Power Search…

Now we’re on to keyword choice. Haha, I’m rather delighted Dan Russell begins with a wish that it were a science, or an algorithm – how much easier research sessions would feel then! That’s another reason I’m intrigued by these ‘lessons’ – it’s always useful to see how other people explain the topic you’re teaching. I think that’s been the most useful thing so far, actually, seeing how another person explains something which you’ve explained a thousand times. I like that three different results screens are shown together to illustrate the difference between keywords very clearly and obviously – that isn’t actually something which I’ve done (live examples I have, but I quite like seeing them together at the end, it seems a good way to draw the whole point in) but might do in the future! Again, the activities were pretty straight forward but I think that if they weren’t I should be pretty concerned really!

So now word order. Again, basic things which it’s interesting to hear someone else explain. Some good examples used though which it might be good to poach.There some discussion about the inclusion of special characters such as #, £ or whathaveyou. I find the inconsistency of  instructional characters quite frustrating, particularly when demonstrating certain search engines. I rather wish there was a universal language rather than the mishmash that’s going on at the moment.

Now there’s some talk about the find function. I have skipped a lot of this as the #uklibchat starts soon and I’d like to be focused on that when it starts! There’s a summary of the kinds of searching that have been looked at; Google indexed search, filtering and finding.

The next class is released tomorrow so I might see if I can find time for it, but I’m preparing for an interview on Friday as well,although I think this may be a good thing to mention. I think I’m going to write up my prepared thoughts on here so that things stay in my head a little better and so it all feels a little more coherent, rather than scribbled bullet points as things came to me!

I better get focused on #uklibchat!