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I have a whole great deal of exciting news!

I have been bought a new Macbook Pro as what should officially be known as The Best Birthday Present Ever. It was ordered today and will be arriving later in the week. I am quite absurdly excited! I have been investigating apps and have a little list of things which look particularly useful – the most promising looks to be scrivener which I can’t wait to get to grips with. I imagine it will be enormously useful when dissertation time rolls around, but also ties in with my next news! Not only did I get a smashing student discount, two years telephone support at a hugely knocked-down price and an extended warranty but also a £70 voucher to spend on apps and things. Perfect time to buy, indeed!

Through the power of daily digest emails from JISC lists I have been alerted to the fact that articles are being requested about RDA. Whilst I have no direct experience and we won’t actually be implementing the changes as we don’t catalogue in the ‘proper’ sense at my library, I spent an inordinate amount of term reading around it for an assignment last year. I got 77 for that essay and I suspect it might be adaptable for this purpose – I’m going to see what I can do though and see if it really is a viable option. I just feel like I’m getting a bit too big for my boots and I’m far too inexperienced and new to be thinking of these kinds of things! I think I’m going to broach it though, as it’s on my ‘to do’ list as I think it’s an important way to keep up to date and engaged with all the kinds of debates going on. And if it comes to nothing I haven’t lost anything. I can think of so many improvements I could make to the essay which would be really useful. I feel so uncertain though! I’d rather like to have a Librarian Sage I could discuss these things with – I am hoping that future conferences and events will result in people to talk to about this sort of thing!

Other exciting news is that I’m going on this wonderful jaunt next May. I am going to start planning now so when my Masters starts in September I don’t feel sad that my time can’t be focused on Vietnam-plans.  I have wanted to go for years and I really think it will be wonderful. In my idealist head I will one day be able to go to countries like Nepal and help set up libraries but I think perhaps I need to try and rein in my daydreams a little for now!

I attended our annual whole-college event last Friday. It’s pretty much a summary of this year and what we hope to achieve in the next. A key priority appears to be technology-led learning and I really think the library can be useful in this area. I attended a session where some of our Art and Design lecturers introduced some of the technology they’ve been using in their lessons – it’s really quite amazing! Important to keep track of too I feel as we need to stay connected to what the students are up to. Some of the things they’re doing with Augmented Reality is really incredible – almost as though we’re living in the future already! I think it would be a really useful way to connect to the teaching staff as well though, I find if they feel you’re actually genuinely interested in what they’re up to and being useful they’re much more likely to be responsive and hopefully, ultimately, find the library a good place to go!

I’ve had a rather good fun weekend all round then really – also went to see the Andy Warhol exhibition going on at the Ferens Art Gallery which was very interesting. A very lovely way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon anyway! Not to mention tickets to see Rufus Wainwright in November in York… I am quite the busy bee!

I am either going to look at tripadvisor reviews or carry on with the 23things things. This holiday is really going to have an impact on what I get up to on the internet I suspect!

I’m also still massively getting to grips with wordpress – it makes very little sense to me at the moment! I’m so used to using an entirely different format that it’s quite tricky adapting. Hopefully I’m getting there and eventually I’ll manage to be more interactive with the whole thing, but for now I’m just mastering the basics!