Forever the 23things! It’s quite good fun though really.

Thing 7: Real Life Networks.

This is something I am hugely interested in lately. I’m really keen to get to know people who are excited by all the library things I find so interesting – it’s apparently a bit of a niche field really! So I’m a member of all sorts of networks now, I’ve already mentioned I’m a fully fledged member of CILIP and LISNPN. I had a peek at the Northern version of LIKE but it seems there hasn’t been much activity lately. I rather suspect if I were based in London I would be spoilt for choice, as it is I’m a Hull-based Northener so I reckon I’m going to have to be willing to travel! Good thing I quite enjoy adventures.

Whilst the prospect of meeting a whole bunch of people I’ve never spoken to before, even online, is ridiculously daunting, I am quite determined about this little mission so I’m hoping my fears will be squashed and I’ll be high-tailing it to the next event. I wonder why London tends to have so many more events though – obviously it’s the capital but you would have thought that Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield could muster the same levels of enthusiasm! Not that I’ve organised anything myself – I’m not blaming anyone! I just find it a bit surprising really. I’m definitely going to be attending any in the nearby vicinity though.

I actually very almost bought tickets for the Career Development (special interest) Group’s AGM on Wednesday the 18th of July but it’s being held in Birmingham, and for some very strange reasons it takes four hours to get there at an astronomical cost on the train. I do drive, but I’m also an incredibly scared driver and it’s just asking for trouble to do such a journey in my rusty little tin can of a car. So I had a super plan to go there on the megabus, but it doesn’t go to Birmingham. Aha! National Express! I thought. And that’s achievable at around £40 return. But I’d need to stay over, and the cheapest option was a Travelodge at £32. So all in it would be £132 without even thinking about food costs, plus I’d have to have a day and a half off work – it would have been paid but feels a bit cheeky. So I’m going to wait until next year! Quite disappointed really though, would have loved to have gone. Others will come up though, I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

This whole ‘thing’ is rather important I feel though, I’m going to try and commit to going to at least a couple of events a year. It’s definitely a long-term ‘thing’ rather than an instantaneous results kind. There seem to be quite a few events which look relevant so that’s useful. We’ll see how it goes though, of course!