The 23things thing continues as happily as larry. I’m half the way there to catching up with the prescribed weekly installments!

I do have other things to discuss but feel like this should be my priority!I am feeling keen and inspired though, so we’ll see!

And on to Thing 6: Online Networks.

I am already a member of Facebook, and consider it marvelous and horrifying in pretty much equal measures. I am rather fond of it’s earlier incarnations where ‘is…’ was still mandatory, but I can see the drive for development, even though at times it appears to be for the sake of advertising and at the expense of privacy. I have tried to keep my facebook quite locked down but I’m not sure how successful that really is. I do not see it as a professional tool though, not by any stretch – I can see the general benefit of having facebook, and perhaps it’s just that I’ve never used it for professional means, but it doesn’t seem like the right venue to me. I think the recent upgrade to the ‘timeline’ layout could prove really great for businesses and promotional things; I suppose I view Facebook as used by businesses and consumers rather than employers and employees.

On the other hand, LinkedIn (which I’m not joining, incidentally) seems the exact opposite! My major reason for not signing up however is the deluge of emails you apparently end up receiving – it rather seems like signing yourself up to a spam system. I am sure it has some wonderful uses, it really is just not for me at this stage though. This does however mean I’m excluded from those apparently very useful groups – is it a hit worth taking? I’m really not sure. This summary of how LinkedIn is used (I was directed to it from the 23things page) does not really instill me with the need to sign up pronto. The good thing is I can always change my mind!

I suppose I rather see Google+ as somewhat of a bridge between the two, however the actual use of G+ by other people seems a bit low! I really rather love the usability though, and the ability to upload all sorts of media. It’s quite great, really. I think more people need to invest a little in it for it to realise it’s true potential though.

I’ve already joined LISNPN, although I must admit to not having really engaged with it in the few weeks I’ve been a member. I have their news feed in my netvibes account, however it doesn’t seem to update very frequently. I’ve tried to subscribe to the forums RSS feed too but that doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I suspect I just need to get in to the habit of actually visiting the site – as I usually access most of these things from work at the moment on various different pc’s, having bookmarks isn’t an option so let’s hope that RSS feed is fixed sooner rather than later!

I am really interested in the Librarians as Teachers Network as I’m working in an academic library and thoroughly intend to stay in this area. I’m hoping to complete a PTLLS course next year and teaching library use is becoming an increasingly important aspect of this job. I also love it! Particularly when a session goes well. I find the discussions around if it’s “in our remit” interesting, but fall quite firmly on the side of ohh yes indeed it is! This looks like a really very useful site indeed.

I joined CILIP about a month ago, so I’m still fairly new to the Communities pages. I’ve been snooping around the special interest groups and various forums, but expected a little more conversation to be going on. I’m really keen to go to some of the events that are arranged though, but that’s a Thing for another time! The Yorkshire and Humber side of things seems a bit lacking – I believe they’re recruiting for various posts within the group at the moment though so hopefully things will pick up. I’d love to volunteer myself but I’m still brand new and my endless enthusiasm will inevitably volunteer all of my time away if I’m not careful!

I love online networking though, I really think it’s one of the most wonderful things about the internet. I’m doing an online, distance learning course so I have no fellow students to grumble at when times are tough, and most of the Librarians in my workplace have been qualified a good few years and don’t want to hear my idealistic, overly enthusiastic rants about my latest assignment or discovery. (Fortunately there are one or two, mind you!) Online networking provides a possibility of connecting with other people that just wouldn’t exist in quite the same way, I think I just need to re-focus from using various other networks for silly friendly fun to more professionally-focused friendly fun.