More 23things business. I will eventually discuss other things, I am sure!

Week 3 – Current awareness

  • Thing 4: RSS feeds, Twitter, Storify

I have only recently got to grips with RSS feeds, and oh how wonderful they are. I have signed up to a netvibes account which I really must admit to being slightly enthralled by! It’s really ideal for me to keep track of everything I need to keep track of considering I use two or three different machines at work per day. It also has a tabs function which is useful for separating things all out! I’m very impressed. And just got told off for leaving the iron on so clearly need *something* to help me keep track of things!

I have a Twitter account, again it’s really for my ‘personal’ use rather than anything else. I follow a lot of library-related accounts though. I’m really quite taken with Twitter, although I post very infrequently. I love to use it to keep track of news stories, interesting events that don’t necessarily make typical news outlets and general discussion articles about things I’m interested in. I also follow a whole host of CILIP accounts which is relatively useful.  I find I discover so many interesting things through it – one of which I’m going to discuss in the next post in fact!

I hadn’t heard of storify at all before. I’m quite intrigued, although I’m not sure it could be of any real use for me.  It’s good to keep in mind though!

I’m going to spend the next few days looking at other 23thingers as I think I’ll find it quite useful. It’s interesting to think about how I use all of these things and for what purpose, even if I’m not signing up all new to them. This 23things thing is certainly more engaging than I expected!