So, that 23things thing!

I have decided to give it a bit of a whirl and see where it gets me. I have the summer in a very quiet library with a looming stocktake ahead of me, so really it’s the perfect time!

Week 1 (7th May) – Blogging

  • Thing 1: Create your own blog, write about what you hope to get out of the programme. (If you already have a blog, then you’re welcome to use that.)

Let’s begin with blogging! I suppose I have been ‘blogging’ for years and years, in a personal rather than professional way. I’m no Adrian Mole, but a real sense of community, friendship and support can be established through sites such as LiveJournal. However, I find that kind of ‘journal-ing’ to be rather a different egg to the more professional ‘blogging’ that goes on. Blogging is more opinions, professional views, political statements; journal-ing for me was a way to make sure I wrote something every day, maybe make a few new friends, just be myself. So how much of myself should be put in to a ‘blog’ rather than a ‘journal’? I’m not sure I’ve grasped this yet – perhaps why I’m rather apprehensive about this whole project really. I suppose I’ll have to see where the balance tips, although I would of course like to think my professional self is not a million miles away from my ‘regular’ self, perhaps just a little less focused on talking about baking and computer games. Also, I’m at the beginning of everything, so I’m mostly feeling apprehensive, awkward and a total interloper. I am hoping this will subside with time!

  • Thing 2: Explore other blogs and get to know some of the other cpd23-ers.

I have done this to a degree, I am still familiarising myself with wordpresses mechanisms as it’s totally different to what I’m used to! I’m getting there though, and have a few in the old Reader!

I’m going to see how far I can get with the weeks before actually having to do something!