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Week 2 (14th May) – Online presence

  • Thing 3: Consider your personal brand

I think really I’ve already discussed this under Thing 1. I do not have a professional ‘personal brand.’ I have an online presence which has been established for years in a very limited sense, but it’s not the ‘professional’ side of myself. As I’m really quite new to this whole thing I’m not sure I know quite know what my personal brand will be, in fact I’m not quite sure how to figure out what it should be. I would rather like to retain my sense of self and chat about things that interest me primarily. I’m not writing this to be read, really, it’s for my own reflection and consideration more than anything. Is this the wrong approach? I think if I write in a “READ ME.txt” manner I’m not likely to get the best out of this process. I can understand promoting a certain image and ‘brand’, but ultimately I think I need to focus on my professional side, but balancing it with a healthy dose of my other side too. My interests in libraries and information studies is not purely professional, I have a huge personal interest which drives me to read every article on a topic for an essay rather than just the required reading; really this will be a good outlet for all of that extra information I indulge in!

I think having spent the last ten years (crikey!) online I am fairly comfortable with my online ‘voice.’ I suspect this is largely because I struggle to separate the idea of a professional identity from a personal one – obvious issues of political stances and being a bit of a wally aside! Is your professional voice really any different to your usual one?