I am clearly still acclimatizing to this!

It says in all of the advice that you’re given that a blog is a good way to keep reflective about what you’re up to whilst mastering that networking shindig which is so important. So that’s maybe what this is. There is that merry old 23things that appears to have been doing the rounds for quite some time now that seems a pretty good way to elbow your way in to social networking, but I’m not sure it’s for me. I am quite involved with these sorts of things already – however not really in a professional way. As that’s perhaps the entire point, maybe I need to revisit things! It has inspired me to delete a MySpace account from 2001 though, so it has really come in useful anyway.

Maybe I’ll do it anyway. I already have a Google ID so I’m well on my way with week one.

Here is some context of who I am!

I am 27 years old and discovering that everything is generally brilliant. I have a degree in English with Creative Writing; this is an absolutely wonderful degree with virtually no employment prospects unless you have a lot of talent, or a lot of luck. I decided not to test either of those and worked at Waterstone’s for a few years whilst writing stories and saving to go travelling around the place. Plans changed though, and I started work in a college library (which has Higher Education provision) as a library assistant three and a half years ago and felt the penny drop as to what I want to do with the rest of my days. It really was like a light switched on. (I enjoy a metaphor, as you can see). After a year here my employer encouraged me to study on Robert Gordon University’s Distance Learning Graduate Certificate in Information Studies. Whilst I already had a degree so it wasn’t essential, I felt it was a good option to pick up to establish the basics of Information Land and to see if this was really an area I wanted to pursue. I absolutely adored the course, it fit me perfectly, I loved discovering how self-motivated I can be whilst learning so much about what had been totally unexplored areas. I am an enormous geek and did really rather well on the course, much to my own delight and smug face. September 2011 the HE Librarian for the Faculty of Arts went off on Maternity Leave for 9 months.I was enrolled to begin the first year of RGU’s Library and Information Studies Masters so my boss encouraged me to apply. I got the job, it confirmed this job is truly the only option for me and I also carried on being a merry little study bee. It is now June 2012, the Maternity Leave cover has finished so I am a library assistant once again and it is the summer break before the second year of the Masters commences. To say I feel at a bit of a loose end is quite an understatement! That perhaps explains this very blog. The last year has been a very steep learning curve for me, but such good fun. There is a whisper of a chance that I may be able to wrestle 7 hours a week as a Librarian at my current employers which would be wonderful, so there are many fingers and toes crossed for that. But really we shall see how it goes.

This whole post has been very self-indulgent.